Survarium takes the fight to Chernobyl with a beautiful new map

Survarium Chernobyl cooling tower map

Survarium is now one step closer to its S.T.A.L.K.E.R. heritage with the release of the Patch 0.54. This brings the new Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: Cooling Tower map to the game with the Slaughter mode, but more game modes will be added to this map in the future.

The Vostok Games team visited the location in order to make the map as faithful as possible to the real thing, and it shows – the map looks vibrant, with impressive textures that make it very difficult to spot the differences between its real counterpart. Even the incredible mural by Gwido Van Helten, which was created to honor Igor Kostin and his efforts on documenting the disaster in 1986 and its aftermath, showing the extreme dangers that Nuclear energy can bring.

The cooling tower is surrounded by a small forest with artifacts from the time before the accident, including refrigerators that belonged to the inhabitants of the ghost city of Prypiat.

It surely is an impressive map to look at, but don't forget that Survarium is a shooter, so watch out for those bullets. More info on this update can be found on the official website.

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