Survarium enters closed beta

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, Survarium, the not-quite-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. free MMOFPS from Vostok Games entered closed beta. The announcement on the official website sheds some light on the details, mostly the game mode available (PvP Teamplay). During closed beta, players will pick between two factions (Scavengers and Black Market) and five locations: Rudnya, School, Radar Station, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky Fort.

The Invites Lottery is also live, a system where three closed beta invites are sent every hour to those who registered in the official website. Participating in the forums increases your chances of getting an invite, so go there and tell them how much you would love to play Survarium – in a constructive, no spam kind of way, of course.

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