Sword Art Online: first official gameplay trailer is out

While this probably isn't the Sword Art Online game you've been waiting for, Bandai Namco is still going to grab a lot of players with Sword Art Online: Code Register, the iOS and Android freemium game that is set to launch later this year in Japan. The first official gameplay trailer was just released (thanks MMOCulture) and it is worth seeing for the cool yet chibified graphics and some pretty cool animations. The comparisons to Brave Frontier are also inevitable.

In this game, which revolves around card collecting, players will be able to enter battles with up to 6 characters from the three SAO worlds: Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online. Despite the idea that this is just a small game to pass some time, it could be pretty good anyway. But if you're expecting a true Sword Art Online MMORPG, you should check Age of Aincrad, a fan project based on SAO (although at the time we're writing this, the official website seems to be offline, which usually isn't a good thing).

Age of Aincrad (fan-made Sword Art Online MMORPG)

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