Tactical RPG Labyrinth is now free to play

There's a new game out there for all you tactical role-playing fans who can't get enough of Duelyst and are counting the days for the open beta of SMITE Tactics. Labyrinth is the name and while it has entered early access in March 2016, you had to pay a fee to play it. Starting today everyone will be able to play it for free, although it remains in early access and developer Free Range Games plans on releasing the next major update at least four weeks from now.

We tried Labyrinth eons ago and were fairly impressed with it, although the game clearly needed more content to fulfill its potential. While it's not yet complete, what there is should be enough to keep you entertained for dozens and dozens of hours, and the reviews are very positive.

If you want to see our Early Access impressions from Labyrinth, the video is below.


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