TERA goes free-to-play in US and EU in February!

Not too long after TERA going free-to-play in Korea and Japan, Gameforge and En Masse Entertaiment (respectively publishers of the European and US versions of TERA) announced that the game will also become F2P in those territories.

Starting February 2013, TERA Rising (that’s the new name) will become free to play for everyone – welcome to the Free User category. If you already bought TERA, you’ll become a Veteran. Finally, everyone will be able to join the TERA Club and get some benefits, such as faster cooldowns, exclusive mounts and more.  Subscribers will also see the remainder of their subscriptions converted to a TERA Club membership. You can see the comparison between the three offers in this chart.

Let’s hope TERA Rising gets the free-to-play part done right, with the obvious cash shop but one that isn’t too demanding on free players.

So, do you think this is great news?

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