TERA Phantom’s Keep update is coming on July 12

TERA Phantoms Keep update

While some TERA adventurers are lost in the flurry of activities found in the Summer Festival, En Masse is already teasing the next content update for this action MMORPG.

Titled Phantom's Keep, this update will bring a couple of revamped dungeons and will release on PC on July 12. The ever-popular Dreadspire dungeon is one of them, and is returning with ten challenges for level 65 players. You'll face deadly bosses as you climb the floors of the tower and the best of you will have a chance to earn a cosmetic Phantom Armor and Phantom Helm. The Manglemire dungeon is also coming back, with the mad cyclops Manglemore waiting for you at the end. The Phantom's Keep update comes to a close with the new Guardian Legion hunt, called Dragon Hunt. You can start the fight all by yourself or in a group with other players.

Admittedly, Phantom's Keep isn't the richest TERA expansion ever, but it's an additional reason to keep fighting the good fight. Oh, and just check that female armor below – the belly button didn't deserve to be protected, poor thing. Hey, at least the chest is properly covered.

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