TERA’s Aces Wild update release date revealed

En Masse Entertainment has revealed the official release date of the new and wacky update for TERA, Aces Wild, in North America. Players will be able to try the third major content update for TERA in July 7, 2016, just a couple of months after the Secrets & Shadows expansion, where the ninja class was unleashed.

The Aces Wild update brings new dungeons such as the new five-player, level 65 Manglemire dungeon, expanded flight zones (now you can soar the skies in the entirety of TERA’s Arun continent, meaning that there are more than 20 zones to go with your flying mount), and extra cosmetic wardrobe storage (over 70 slots). But one of the coolest things in this update is the Kumas Royale battleground, where everyone is a kuma and the two teams fight to defeat the enemy's boss in 10v10 battles.

The official Aces Wild page is right here.

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