The Shattering’s first teasers are too cryptic

Update: As it turns out, The Shattering is the name of the major event in this game's lore. The final name of the game is LawBreakers.

Boss Key Productions' The Shattering is fast becoming the game with the most amount of teasers in just a few days. Just as announced, Monday and Tuesday brought us the two most recent teasers which left a bittersweet taste in our mouth, with the big reveal – we hope so – planned for Wednesday.

The first teaser of this series only showed a few seconds of a devastated scenario, while the second one was pretty much the teaser that we've seen during PAX East, only with a really slight but cryptic modification – rocks moving up in the final scene of the video, hinting at something that we hope we'll get to know more about tomorrow.

The Shattering is the new shooter from Gears of War creator Cliff Blezinski and his new studio Boss Key Productions. Previously known as Project Bluestreak, this game is published by Nexon. Here are the two teasers revealed this week, with the big one expected tomorrow.

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