Tower of Fantasy features and game modes: what to expect

Tower of Fantasy features

The first Tower of Fantasy global closed beta is ongoing for a few weeks and we have been enjoying exploring the world of Aida. As a Wanderer, we have discovered Ruins, eliminated world bosses, and cooking delicious food for buffs. It's an open world just as we like it, and despite the initial fears that it might suffer from comparisons to Genshin Impact, it is shaping up to be a terrific game capable of standing on its own.

It's an MMORPG after all, which means that you can expect tons of activities and challenges geared for multiplayer interaction. But what else does it have in store for you? Here is a brief summary of Tower of Fantasy with highlights from the closed beta, but that you can try at launch if you didn't manage to secure a spot.

Tower of Fantasy features


The Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta allows players to link up into parties of 2 to 4 and explore the vast world of Aida, fight through Ruins, and conquer world bosses. Players can create or join a party through the world channel.

Multiplayer Boss Battles – Players can tackle difficult world bosses by linking up with fellow wanderers to fight together!

 Ways to build a team: Players can link up to tackle bosses in two ways:

Find teammates by themselves – After finding the world boss, players can create a team by themselves, and agree to “automatically enter the team” and set up the “team settings”. (This method is convenient for everyone to enter their own team). Then, in the chat window known as the world channel, call everyone to fight the boss together.

Join Teams through chat – If players see other players calling for a boss fight in the world chat channel, they can click on the other party's avatar to enter their team, follow or leave the team (so that other players can also follow the boss to the location.)

Tips for team fights

Optimal weapon combination: It is recommended that every team has a Shield (such as Huma) and Support (such as Cocoritter), as they need a shield to attract the attention of enemies, and a healer will treat teammates.

Boss Health: Once the fight begins, the boss will activate its shield, which has five layers, and below the health bar is a MAX symbol that shows the accumulated energy. If the shield is not broken in time, the boss will release its ultimate move when the MAX energy is full. Shields can be broken with thunder-type weapons (such as Samir).

Healing: When a teammate is attacked with insufficient HP, a green circle will appear on their head, allowing them to be rescued.  If a player is the target of the boss, they must lead the monster in the opposite direction and allow teammates the opportunity to revive and heal other teammates.

Customizable Appearance

Tower of Fantasy has an in-depth character creation system that allows players to customize their main character to look like themselves, or someone completely different. The only limit is your own imagination!

World Bosses

There are several world bosses featured in the Closed Beta. These bosses are located in the Phantom Tower, which features various degrees of radiation. Players will need to be at a certain level in order to resist this radiation and fight bosses.

Boss refresh mode: Players can either refresh the map or switch routes once an hour after defeating a boss to refresh the map.  The location of the boss is fixed, with one boss in each area, located at (- 462,771). A boss icon will be displayed on the map, and players can then open the teleportation tower near the boss point to teleport close to the boss’ location.


Throughout the campaign, players will level their gear score. Once players have reached the appropriate gear score, they are able to access Ruins, which are similar to dungeons. Ruins are a great way to experience more difficult content and experiment with different combos and weapons to defeat enemies. These Ruins can be cleared through either solo play or with a party.

Open-World Exploration

Questlines – Players can follow the yellow-marked questlines in order to progress the main storyline. Additionally, players can complete any blue marked sidequests that they receive along the way. The main quest is time-gated, so there are no rewards for speedrunning through the storyline. The Tower of Fantasy team encourages you to complete all quests in order to fully experience the gameplay and world of Tower of Fantasy.

Cooking – Throughout Aida, characters can collect various ingredients to use in both pre-made and customizable recipes in the game. These recipes can grant players special stats to aid in completing quests.

Cetus Island  – Hidden at the top of the map is a special zone called Cetus Island. The zone is very difficult to reach, and players will need to carefully climb to the top in order to reach it.  The island features various carnival rides, and is a great hidden gem for in-game photo ops.  For those that may struggle climbing, you can also enter by advancing the main quest and boarding the NPC's hot air balloon to go to the island.

Soccer – There is a soccer field hidden on the map at Coordinates: (- 462,771).

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