Tower of God global launch coming soon, new trailer revealed

Tower of God global launch

Publisher NGELGAMES has confirmed that the new game Tower of God will have a global release in 2022. Based on the popular webtoon, Tower of God released in Korea already and topped the charts of both Google Play and the App Store. The full name of this game is Tower of God M: The Great Journey.

Prior to the Tower of God global launch, it will open pre-registrations in October 2022, with a full release planned for this winter. A new trailer was released as well, showcasing the quality animation of the series and some gameplay sections. In case you are wondering, this is going to be a hero collector RPG featuring absolutely gorgeous anime graphics and the type of simple yet addictive gameplay that is mostly about recruiting and leveling up heroes than actually controlling them.

NGELGAMES has experience with webtoon adaptations, as you can see from one of their previous titles, Hero Cantale. Every fan of the Tower of God webtoon should keep an eye out for The Great Journey, as it looks like an anime fan's dream.

Watch the new Tower of God global launch trailer below and follow the official Facebook page for more info.

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