Tree of Savior gets Latin American server to minimize player conflict

Just a few days into the second Tree of Savior global closed beta and developer IMCgames already had to take action. It seems that players from different countries or regions were engaging in plenty of arguments and conflicts, something that is always toxic for the community of an MMO. The studio wants all players to get along with each other, but so far it's quite the contrary.

With a lot of players from Latin America, the studio decided to open a separate Latin American server for them, apparently mostly due to players from Brazil who seem to be taking the game by storm. This server will operate seven more days than the other servers as it opened later.

While IMCgames doesn't force Latin American players to move to this server, they recommend it.

We also played Tree of Savior during this second beta and while the potential is clear, IMCgames still has a lot to do in regards to the server operation, as the game is suffering from some heavy lag. Here are our impressions from this beta.

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  • corey malelo

    do you have spare key? 🙁

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  • Anso

    It’s easy put all fault in BR’s, but what about the xenophobic behavior from NA people to all BR’s and other people from Latin America? People can’t even talk with friend in portuguese or spanish that a lot of people come to insult him and say a lot of racist comments.

    What about the trolls from anothers countries that speak spanish, but all say that they are BR’s because doesn’t know the difference betwenn spanish and portuguese? And the north american trolls?

    Realy, BR’s have a lot of toxic players, but another countries too and i’m tired of seeing BR’s taking all the fault just because of prejudice.

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    • Koopre

      Man, this is ridiculous, just because idiots did shit years ago in servers of Nexon, ” BR ” has Become synonymous with sucker… man if you knew how Americans are snobbish people in servers of the your country, you feel ashamed to say: “Brazilians is cause of all problems”; to get an idea had a guy who called me a monkey, quite aggressive and racist way just because I’m Brazilian!

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      • Verismo

        I don’t know about you, but I’ve known about BRs being jerks long before Nexon came about. If I had to say, the most toxic players are BRs, Pinoys, and Turkish. A long time ago when RF Online was a P2P game, pinoys came and destroyed the economy forcing the devs to reset the entire server to a fresh start. BRs have been so toxic for so long that they’ve put that stereotype themselves. Especially in f2p fps games. Turkish gamers are just known for ruining games with hacks.

        And let’s be honest though. The problem in ToS didn’t start until the few BR trolls started doing stupid things. A few bad apples ruins it for the rest of the Brazilians.

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  • Collins

    Wow. The devs actually had to open a new server because people couldn’t get along. lol Gamers are some of the most immature people on the planet. So smug and entitled. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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  • Chaz Thompson

    This just reaffirms my belief that the new wave of gamers are the worst possible thing for the hobby I have been enjoying since my parents bought me a Colecovision. Video games used to be like a secret handshake, where gamers could play apart but be excited together, could enjoy the hobby together LONG before there was even multiplayer and you just had to pass the controller back and forth. Gaming communities are absolutely toxic and not worth the hassle, and it’s driving me away from online gaming more and more.
    I used to proudly say I was a gamer, even before it was ‘cool’ and you were ostracized for it…but now I want nothing to do with the communal responsibilities that come attached.

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  • Dohavior

    I played a browser based MMO called “Vega Strike” that auto translated everything. It was such a simple game, but that key feature created intense cooperative gameplay and hilarious diplomatic chatter that cut right through cultural imperfections.

    Lets not forget the only reason languages exist in the first place are because of the euphemisms generated by pedantic fools that shouldn’t be a part of the human race to begin with. Mastery of our vocal orifice with a unified linguistic framework is paramount. I speak through a keyboard to you all, the fuck do I care?

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