Tree of Savior gets Latin American server to minimize player conflict

Just a few days into the second Tree of Savior global closed beta and developer IMCgames already had to take action. It seems that players from different countries or regions were engaging in plenty of arguments and conflicts, something that is always toxic for the community of an MMO. The studio wants all players to get along with each other, but so far it's quite the contrary.

With a lot of players from Latin America, the studio decided to open a separate Latin American server for them, apparently mostly due to players from Brazil who seem to be taking the game by storm. This server will operate seven more days than the other servers as it opened later.

While IMCgames doesn't force Latin American players to move to this server, they recommend it.

We also played Tree of Savior during this second beta and while the potential is clear, IMCgames still has a lot to do in regards to the server operation, as the game is suffering from some heavy lag. Here are our impressions from this beta.


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