Tree of Savior’s G-Star 2015 trailer shows new locations, hamster riding

IMC Games is showing Tree of Savior during the G-Star 2015 and the new trailer was just released. While we already knew just how good the game looks, we were getting a bit tired of seeing the same locations, so it's great to see that the new footage brings a lot of new stuff including classes, wildlife (the flamingos are particularly stunning) and even some of the cutest hamster-riding you'll ever see in a game ever. There's also some water-sliding fun, if you like your water parks.

Some locations look a bit more colorful and beautiful while others are purposely darker and creepier. You can also see some new bosses – one of them looks like a giant Gremlin, while other probable boss is this racoon duo operating some weird contraption -, of which there are over 200 in the game.

We're pretty sure that Tree of Savior will make all the Ragnarok Online fans proud. The second English global closed beta is live right now and the Korean open beta begins in December.


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