Tree of Savior is offering bonuses to new players

You're curious about Tree of Savior but didn't find the time to actually dive into this MMORPG? Well, this could be the perfect time as IMC Games is welcoming new players (or Saviors) with a special event that offers plenty of character-boosting items and other stuff as you level up. The event begins on April 4 and ends on May 2, so this should five you plenty of time to go through the levels.

As soon as you start playing with your new character/account, you will receive 19 Boost Packs in your inventory, each containing a set of items that will help boost up your character along the way as you level up. What this means is that you have to hit the specified levels so that you can open the respective boost pack, otherwise they will be deleted when the event ends.

You can see all the bonus items and the required levels so you can drool in anticipation.


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