Twin Saga developers talk Terracottage, anime graphics and more

Aeria Games just released a develper interview with X-Legend Entertainment where the studio introduces Twin Saga and talks a bit about what it is and what is has to offer. You get to know more about the mobile player house known as Terracottage, which acts as a multipurpose place – you can grow crops in the greenhouse or develop your professions, from cooking to crafting or alchemy, among others.

As is sometimes the case with MMO games from X-Legend (makers of Eden Eternal and Dragomon Hunter, to name just a few), you can switch classes anytime outside of combat. You don't have to worry about leveling up each class, instead focusing in leveling one set of equipment only.

The video interview goes on about the making of ultimate moves, the detailed facial animations and more. Watch the video below to enjoy some new gameplay from Twin Saga (aka Astral Realm in Taiwan) and sign up for the beta at the official website.


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