Twin Saga officially launches with new Monk class

You may have been led to believe that Twin Saga was already released for a while now – after all, this MMORPG is in open beta since September 2016. However, the one and only, true official launch just happened today and with it came a huge patch that brought the new Monk class to the game. There's also a brand new story chapter, two new zones (Sanctopolis: Prismatica and Sanctopolis: Constellacia), new dungeons (Nabuland, La Catedral Infernal (Hell Mode) and Sapphire Keep), a new Senshi quest with the Empress of Snow: Lenna, and more.

You can see the full patch notes here but we won't go without stressing that Twin Saga now has a Couple System, so you can become a couple with the person of your choice. We don't know if it allows same gender couples as Revelation Online, in case you're wondering.

This is the perfect time to try Twin Saga, so if you want to go in with some support, we're offering Explorer's packs in our giveaway.

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