Ultima Forever not exactly a Ultima IV remake

It seems that Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar isn’t a simple Ultima IV remake, according to new info. The new game will actually take place 21 years after Ultima IV. There’s still no sign of Lord British though, so we’re safe there.

Lead designer Kate Flack told Joystiq that the team is still deciding on some details during the alpha, but she mentioned the following:

“Ultima 5, 6, 7, 8 haven’t happened yet. Lord British is among the stars; he’s no longer there. Lady British has now taken the throne and we’ve found that one Avatar isn’t going to do it this time round, we need multiple Avatars and multiple people coming to try and repair the land.”

The game will feature quest logs and a map to keep up with the times, but the goal is to maintain the spirit of the original [Ultima IV]. BioWare still didn’t unveil any details on the cross-platform and how iPad and PC players will specifically interact.

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