Ultimate Naruto: tips for powering up quickly

After detailing the Fortification and Inheritance systems, IceGames just released a few more tips for Ultimate Naruto, this time focusing on pretty much what every player wants in every game: powering up quickly. So here are the easiest ways to do so, straight from the publisher:

Use Your Tailed Beast

A player's most valuable ally is their Tailed Beast! Unrivalled as a combat partner, the Tailed Beast can boost a team's attributes greatly regardless of whether the team is in the Arena, a PK Battle or a Boss Battle. Summon higher-ranked beasts to the battlefield and watch as your team's power soars, but be aware that some stats may increase more than others.

Hunt and Quest for S. Ability Points

The columns of a player's S. Ability Scroll can bestow better qualities upon their ninjas, strengthening characters' attributes and eventually unlocking their unique special skills! A watchful ninja must always be on the lookout for work. By completing quests and stages players will be rewarded with S. Ability points. Do not linger and allow these points to go to waste! Spend them quickly and learn well from your experiences.

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