Unfortunate Spacemen is a free alien versus astronauts shooter

Unfortunate Spacemen

In space, no one can hear you being hunted down by a horrendous monster in the free shooter Unfortunate Spacemen. New Blood Interactive's game has just released as free-to-play, after some time in Early Access. The reception seems to be mostly positive, which is a good sign, so if you like your shooters with a hint of survival horror and claustrophobia, this could be a good choice.

Unfortunate Spacemen isn't just about shooting, deception also plays a role in the game. Playing as the monster, one player is able to disguise as a regular spaceman and approach their victims unnoticed. It's up to the team to fight the feeling of paranoia and discover who isn't exactly who it seems to be.

With 15 distinct alien locations and up to 16 players per match, this game can be quite intense. Apart from the Shapeshifter mode, there is a solo and co-op story mode for up to five players, and a solo and co-op survival mode where you fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

You can get Unfortunate Spacemen from Steam for free right now.

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