Vehicular combat game Switchblade introduces new vehicle Porcupine

Switchblade introduces new vehicle Porcupine

How I miss Porcupine Tree. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but the thought popped up in my mind as I saw the name of Switchblade's latest vehicle, the Porcupine.

The Porcupine is a Scout-class vehicle described as a “remarkable mobile weather machine”, as it is able to conjure the power of the elements as attack weapons. The electricity laser is its primary attack, and it also features abilities such as Thunder Mines (deploy several storm cloud mines) and Lockdown Storm (summon icy winds that freeze rivals on the spot).

All Legendary and Founder's Pack owners get the Porcupine, while others may purchase it from the store or wait for it to enter the daily rotation starting December 12.

Lucid Games' vehicular combat game Switchblade is currently in Early Access on Steam and PS4 and should release as free-to-play before the end of 2018. Hopefully it won't take long, as it seems to be in desperate need for more players.

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