Versus: Battle of the Gladiator goes F2P just months after commercial release

Versus: Battle of the Gladiator is a brutal action multiplayer game that entered early access in June and launched two months later, but never managed to be very popular due to a single reason – it felt unpolished and unfinished, failing to deliver on its promises. The result was a shocking lack of players that even failed to reach a few decent dozens during the last months.

So, when a game fails to be noticed and the player base is really low, one of the common moves is usually making it free-to-play. Nowadays, most buy-to-play games launch with a cash shop – what we like to call double-dipping, as it's trying to take cash from players in two different ways -, and so the transition to F2P isn't that complicated or surprising.

Anyway, back to Versus: Battle of the Gladiator, which offers interesting non-targeting combat and diverse weaponry that affects the way you play. During this month, the studio plans on adding a co-op mode, taunts, boosters (hmm…) and more, hopefully polishing the game along the way too.

You can download the game via Steam and hopefully find some players to experience it as it is intended. Let us know what you think of it.

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