Vindictus is welcoming its 20th character Letty

Vindictus Letty

Vindictus is one of the longest-running action MMORPGs in history, as studio DevCat keeps the game going with new updates. Released in 2010, it is now entering its 12th year and does it in style with the launch of a new character called Letty. This girl is the 20th hero joining the game and she comes with a heavy cannon weapon to wreak havoc.

A funny touch is that Letty's cannon has a name as well – you may call it Cradie, and I believe that there's a great relationship somewhere in there. The cannon deals massive damage to enemies, as Letty can shoots enemies from afar and the recoil from Cradie enables her to dance around enemies, turning every dangerous situation into a chance to strike back.

Letty brings her old cadet uniform Shooting Star that features a sprinkle of her own style and gives the military uniform an elegant twist. But she is able to change into her Elite Officer uniform that’s designed to neutralize the weight of plate armor and improve agility. You can find more information about Letty in her official page.

There's a special event celebrating Letty's arrival into Vindictus (also known as Mabinogi Heroes in some Asian regions). The Carnival Party is an in-game event for players with a level 10 or above to attend, starting now through April 26, 2022. Throughout this event players can receive Letty’s Outfit Set Destiny Box, the title of The First Letty bound to their character, an Unlimited Inner Armor Pass (30 days) and a Storage Chest Expansion Ticket. The outfits exclusive to this event will hold special character stats to buff Letty in battle. Details on each of the items offered can be found here.

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