Warframe is celebrating its 6th anniversary with 50 million players

Warframe 6th anniversary

Is Warframe out of beta yet? Let me check that quickly… *frantic typing… Nope, Warframe is still in open beta with no official launch in sight. Come on, Digital Extremes is surely having a blast with this situation and probably will never ‘officially release' Warframe.

And no one seems to be bothered anyway. Warframe is celebrating its 6th anniversary (since it entered open beta, that is) and has some gifts for its nearly 50 million registered Tenno. You just need to log in on March 27 until April 10 to earn the new Liset Dex Skin and Excalibur Dex Noggle for free.

Take a look at those goodies here.

Warframe 6th anniversary

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