Warframe’s Fortuna expansion releases on PC this week

Warframe's Fortuna expansion

Warframe's Fortuna expansion is releasing this week for PC, Digital Extremes has confirmed. The highly anticipated update that is going to take you to the surface and underground of Venus is coming soon, so this leaves us with three days to wait at most. Unless they are including the weekend in their calculations, something that I truly doubt. On the other hand, consoles will be getting this update sometime later.

But I digress. Fortuna is the second Landscape expansion to hit Warframe after the release of the gob-smacking Plains of Eidolon. K-Drive Hoverboards are one of the coolest things that come with this update, as well as new enemy units, the new Warframe Garuda (the 37th to join the game), and new weapons, mods and customizations.

Warframe is coming to the Switch on November 20, 2018, in case you're more of a Nintendo fan.

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