Wild Buster is moving on, returning as free-to-play Champions of Titan

Champions of Titan

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is a MOBA and MMORPG crossover developed by Nuri Works in Korea, and while it was free-to-play back there, publisher InselGames decided that it should be a buy-to-play game in the west, costing $24,99 USD for North American players and €22.99 in Europe. Ouch. That is why we haven't covered this game at all, as well as InselGames other “free but not for you, western fellows” release, Guardians of Ember.

So, it wasn't completely unexpected to see Wild Buster fail. But now, there's a ray of hope for the game, as InselGames has reached an agreement to transfer the publishing rights to another studio, IDC Games. The move includes a new name, with the game now called Champions of Titan, as well as a business model switch, with it becoming free-to-play… like it should have been when it reach NA and EU. This reminds me of a certain recent soap opera

Champions of Titan enters closed beta in Europe late June 2018 and you can sign up right now. The game will feature a full PvE campaign, PvP modes such as MOBA style, defense of the ancients style, battle royale and free for all, and 14 heroes to choose from, with more than 20 planned.

I have to say that the game looks heavily dated already, and even better-looking propositions such as Master X Master failed to grab a decent player base. Are you interested in Champions of Titan?

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