The Witcher is entering the battle arena as a MOBA

After seeing popular franchises exploring the free-to-play business model such as Dead Island Epidemic or Orcs Must Die! Unchained, it's not unexpected to see the acclaimed RPG series The Witcher following suit. However, CDProjekt decided to go for the mobile market, with a release expected for Q4 2014 on Android, iOS, and Windows tablets and phones.

But the more surprising news is that The Witcher: Battle Arena is joining the MOBA crowd, offering 3v3 battles that last less than 10 minutes each. Several modes were announced, including a boss mode and a monster-hunting mode, among others, as well as a still undefined campaign mode. You can see some screenshots below.

Do you consider this good news or would you trade this game any day for a proper, even if simplified, free-to-play The Witcher MMORPG?

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