World of Dragon Nest offers a White Nine Tail Mount to all testers

World of Dragon Nest offers

It's a great time to join the closed beta of World of Dragon Nest. Nexon had a surprise in store for everyone who is participating in the beta, and it was revealed today: a sparkling new White Nine Tail Mount.

Not so fast though – this World of Dragon Nest mount will only be handed out tomorrow, July 30. It's not a long wait and the gift comes with another surprise: an extra 10,000 players will be able to join the World of Dragon Nest closed beta. Notwithstanding, this beta remains accessible only to players from the SEA region. If you're from other regions, you are out of luck.

World of Dragon Nest is a mobile open world MMORPG from Eyedentity. The creators of the original Dragon Nest game for PC are now offering us an alternate story – neither a sequel or prequel – with some familiar faces. Characters aren't gender-locked and there is a dual weapon system, which means that you can freely switch between your two weapons.

The open world in World of Dragon Nest is huge but it is divided in several areas that require short loadings. It's similar to what we are going to see in Bandai Namco's highly anticipated anime MMORPG Blue Protocol.

There is no word if World of Dragon Nest is ever going to make it westward. However, my money is on yes. This game is not to be confused with Dragon Nest 2, the recently announced mobile MMORPG that is developed by Shengqu Games exclusively for China territories. What a time to be a Dragon Nest fan!

World of Dragon Nest offers mount


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