World of Warships new update launched, have some free premium time

The 0.5.5 update for World of Warships has just launched and brings quite some additions, one of the biggest being the new weather system. For most of the maps (Ocean, Solomon Islands, Strait, Big Race, New Dawn, The Atlantic, Fault Line, Islands of Ice, Two Brothers, Land of Fire, Shatter, Mountain Range, Hotspot, and Trap) it's nothing but a cosmetic upgrade and you have 50% chance of seeing the weather effects (rain, snow, heavy clouds) during the countdown, but after 90 seconds these will dissipate. On the North map, however, there is heavy rain, fog, and heavy clouds and these actually affect visibility.

The update also brings new maps (Mountain Range and Trident) but the biggie that you should be excited for is the World of Warships free premium time that Wargaming is offering to those players who log in to Update 0.5.5 before May 11. It's three days of premium account time and this offer is due to one of the other changes with this patch – the introduction of a new file structure for the game client. This means that the game will be optimized and it will “improve load times between 10% and 50% when going into battles and 2 to 3 times faster install speeds.” But for this to work you need to update the client (this can take from 15 minutes to an hour) or download the new client.

Seems like a small price to pay for faster load times and some premium goodness.

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