Zombies Monsters Robots enters open beta on July 1

After a somewhat short closed beta (by today's standards), En Masse Entertainment’s free-to-play online shooter Zombies Monsters Robots is entering open beta on July 1 at 9 AM PDT.

The open beta will bring some new content, such as five new maps, including three maps that support both PvP and PvE and two PvP-only. A new PvP/competitive mode called Mercs vs. Monsters will be added, putting players in the shoes of the enemy Dominion soldiers and gruesome monsters. There are more than 20 mercs and monsters, each one with a unique ability. The beta will also bring ten new weapons and three new costumes.

We have a Hazard Ops first look gameplay video, which in case you don't know, is the European equivalent to Zombies Monsters Robots. This is the second game published by En Masse, the first one being the highly successful Tera Rising.

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