Last Cloudia | Classic and Beautiful Story-Driven Pixel-Art RPG

Last Cloudia review

Last Cloudia just released in North America, after a very successful Japanese launch. A quick glimpse is enough to understand what makes it so appreciated by RPG fans –it’s a wonderful nod to older Final Fantasy and Star Ocean games, with a heavy focus on story and magnificent pixel art. We are more than happy to tell you about this game in a sponsored video, as every RPG fan is bound to enjoy it. Give it a go by clicking the link in the video description.

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Last Cloudia is set in a world where humans and beasts coexist, with Kyle, a young and well-intentioned knight teaming up with Rei, a temperamental, fearless, and hungry beast. Their relationship is meaningful and extremely well throught-out, as they can be best friends one minute, and the next they are fighting each other. You’ll meet other brave adventurers along the way, traveling in a party that feels alive.

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This game features a wonderful story supported by a strong cast. Their unique but flawed personalities shine in every conversation, evoking their deepest desires and intricate web of relationships. The story has a serious side to it, but the many humorous moments in its countless and beautiful cutscenes help you to feel attached to these heroes, and have a great time seeing the story unfold. The fantastic background music complements these story sequences.

Before jumping into the core mechanics of the game, let’s mention the exquisite pixel-art characters. What a spectacular design that is, and a tribute to the RPGs of old. Judiciously designed right up to the last pixel, the characters ooze personality and charm, each one is perfectly recognizable and faithful to its anime artwork. The environments are in full 3D, gorgeous and colorful, marrying perfectly with the character sprites apart from the occasional weird perspective.

Last Cloudia is a pure RPG in the tradition of older Final Fantasy games, except that your party doesn’t freely roam around the land; instead, you have a world map where you select the mission that you want to tackle. There are sub-quests as well to give you that experience boost and flesh out the story. Occasionally you’ll stumble upon soul spots, which you’ll need to enter some missions and perform upgrades.

Last Cloudia RPG Cutscene

During combat, things unfold in real-time, but your characters move and attack automatically. You can give them a hand by tapping the attack button and the special abilities, as well as switching targets. It’s not terribly deep but it’s effective, as you switch between your characters and activate their flashy skills while keeping an eye on cooldown times. It requires a bit of micro-management and is pleasant enough, with battles that don’t overstay their welcome.

Besides the main story, there’s the Arena for the PvP mode where you can challenge other players and fight your way to the top. However, this mode is currently locked and we weren’t able to properly evaluate it.

Last Cloudia comes with the traditional gacha system, but it doesn’t shower you with needless characters for the sake of it. Instead, it is mostly comprised of Arks, these stunning animated dioramas that boost a character’s abilities, and level up as well. These come with tidbits of story that contribute to the in-depth lore of the game, in case you want to completely dive into it. Obviously, the more important thing about Arks is how they give you buffs such as curse resistance, special gauge refill speed increase, and a lot more.

Last Cloudia RPG Battle Scene

Right now, there is a Beginner's Welcome Campaign under progress, giving you 3000 Crystals that are enough for a 10 pull on the gacha. You just have to complete the tutorial and claim the crystals from the gift box.

With the in-game currency and items that you earn, you can purchase armor and weapons for your team. There’s a mandatory passage through the skill tree, with several skills to unlock, just another part of a deep growth system that requires some grind but isn’t overly taxing.

Last Cloudia recently ended an event, but another one is coming shortly. These are great ways to level up your characters, which coupled with the campaign provide you with countless hours of fun.

Last Cloudia is a delightful RPG that evokes the classics of old. The excellent story is the highlight, but the stunning pixel-art heroes really give it a distinctive identity. Don’t miss this one, grab it right now using the links in the video description. Have fun!

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