Offensive Combat

THEME: Cartoon | PLATFORM: Browser | STATUS: Shutdown Jan 2014

Offensive Combat is a free-to-play, browser-based online first-person shooter developed by the new Washington-based studio U4iA Games, founded by Dusty Welch (who worked in the Call of Duty franchise) and Chris Archer (a veteran that played a role in Activision and SOE).

Offensive Combat offers high quality graphics in your browser and mixes gameplay mechanics from popular names of the FPS genre such as Call of Duty and TimeSplitters, resulting in an explosive mixture. Although gameplay is fast-paced and will please every kind of fan, there’s some zany humor in the game that will make players laugh while they show their skills.

Customization can make a character look cool or just downright ridiculous, but one of the trendiest aspects in the game is the Pwn, something like a taunt but in a very humiliating fashion. For example, you can teabag your dead opponent, but beware, because during this animation you’re completely vulnerable to other players. When a player dies, he drops in-game currency and items that other players may pick up – it’s not just loot for the slaughterer, but for anyone who has the luck of passing by first, so this is bound to stir some additional rivalries.

Offensive Combat is a free online FPS that doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s all the better for it. You’re likely to have as much fun shooting your friends as you’ll be laughing at the game’s silly weapons and crazy sense of humor.


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