Darkstar Risen 3D First Look Gameplay Video

I've been doing first impressions videos for awhile, and I've covered some pretty bad games. There have been some games here or there that weren't great but had a few redeeming qualities. The game I'm about to introduce to you, does not. Upon entering this game I was surprised at just how awfully thrown together it all was. And for that, I'm not even going to name it in the intro.

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DarkStar Risen 3D. Not to be confused with… any other game that has “dark” in the title, is a free-to-play browser game. Whether or not you actually play this game is open to interpretation. I'll be honest here – I only spent 15 minutes in this game because I literally couldn't take it. I had more fun watching the dust settle after violently attacking my computer with a can of compressed air. This is another cash grab, only this one is very blatant with it's cash-grabbiness. It insisted I needed to buy something as soon as I entered the game, something that is never a good sign. The footage in the background is unedited, just so you can see the gameplay in all it's glory.

So, you start off doing… I have no idea what. Talk to a few NPCs and before you know it, you're level 3. Why? I don't know. The game played itself, literally. I did absolutely nothing but hit confirm on my quest windows, and everything else the game did by itself, including the fights! “Playing” the game wasn't an easy task either – there was terrible server response time, on top of a lot of lag. I've never seen a browser game that ran so terribl- Actually… Nevermind. Yes I have, there's loads out there. But this one was just awful.

There was nothing to character creation. You could choose from one of three gender locked classes, and give your character a name. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. The game was buggy, leveling was going much faster than I could keep up with, there was no music to the game, the sound that was there had awful quality. Nothing in the game seemed like it was created to appeal to any sort of audience. I don't usually rip a game apart like this, but there was nothing here to keep my interest: bad animations, bad aesthetic, tried to take a page from diablo 2's UI. The developers of the game were lazy, this makes the last few browser MMORPGs I covered look like freaking triple-A titles!

Overall. This game is a waste of time. Literally one of the worst games I've had the misfortune of working on. Luckily, this isn't a review and if you're courageous enough to step foot in this game, well…


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