Dragon Nest Video Review 2014

This is our Dragon Nest review (2014), the free-to-play MMORPG that is widely considered as one of the best examples of the genre, mostly due to its exciting skill-based action combat.

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Dragon Nest is one of the best free to play games out there and that’s a certainty. I am Skylent Shore with FreeMMOStation and today we are going to review Nexon’s action MMORPG, sister title to Vindictus, a game filled with comedy and challenge alike.

Dragon Nest takes place in a unique setting. It is very cartoon with a childish twist on everything except the monster and ability animations, which are top notch. While gameplay wise it is extremely similar to Vindictus, its art style is polar opposite. While this could turn off a few people along with the gender locked classes, I want to emphasis the fact that this game has such prowess when it comes to combat that I would rank simply as the number one in terms of pure action. The spells are huge and so are the monsters. Bosses start out easy but then halfway through the game you get a huge surge in difficulty. At level 24, you learn that up until then has basically been a tutorial for the madness to follow.

The different classes all have very different play styles and the fact that each character has a branching class tree, meaning classes transform into other classes depending on talent point allocation, means there is a value of replayability and also role specialization. I for one play a Swordsman Warrior which is very much run and gun and his role is stunning while doing DPS. I also have a Tinker Engineer who I personally specialized for DPS and buffing my allies while mortaring monsters. To be honest, party play is some of the most fun I have had in a game though lower level dungeons just feel like a stomp sometimes.

The game’s pacing is unique in that you don’t actually reach the main hub city until halfway through the game, so it does have a slower and grind styled approach to leveling as seen in most popular Asian titles. Similar to Neverwinter or Warframe, players are tasked with missions or quests to complete by adventuring into numerous instanced dungeons with a party or alone. These always include one boss at least and multiple difficulty settings. What is really awesome about the game is that the PvE is actually competitive and you can earn top points for completing dungeons efficiently. Speaking of competition, dragon nest has some of the best PvP in any game. In terms of pure brawling spectacle, the best. It is limited to arena fights however, so if you are looking for Guild Wars 2 style 1000 man battles, it won’t be found here. Still, the combat, being this game’s strong point, carries Dragon Nest along to many top ten lists for MMOs and especially so because it is free to play.

There is a complaint about pay to win though, and this has to do with the game’s crafting. In Dragon Nest you can enhance items, but after +5 of enhancement, you have a chance for your item to break, which deletes it. This forces many endgame players to use real cash to purchase protection jelly, which prevents this from happening. Also, cosmetic items can give slight buffs. All in all, I am sure you could beat the game with less than perfect armor since most of the game is very much skill based, there is still a negative light seen in the way Dragon Nest does its F2P model, though until endgame, it doesn’t matter at all.

The difficulty of Dragon Nest ranges from stupidly easy to sometimes very, very, very, hard. Luckily, you can choose your difficulty and party up with people easily. I suggest you play this with friends and enjoy the experience. Dragon Nest is certainly worth a try and I give it a thumbs up for anyone.


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