Free To Play Unlimited #67: Wildstar, Blade & Soul, Aion, Trove, Otherland…

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Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and other Free MMO games. The team will bring you exciting news, quizzes, the most anticipated F2P games and more. In this episode Wildstar seems to be getting in a bit of trouble and internal conflict, EA's MOBA Dawngate is canceled during open beta, Blade and Soul Taiwan is nearing open beta, Aion gets the Invasion content update and Trove is now in open beta. The featured first look is the crazy and extremely funny Max Payne simulator Double Action: Boogaloo. The most wanted game of the episode is Otherland, the back-from-the-dead multiverse MMORPG now in the hands of a different developer. If you know the answer to this episode's quiz, then leave it in the comments below or in YouTube, along with your suggestions.


Wildstar and Carbine Studio in trouble?
Not all is well on the fictional planet Nexus, where the action of the subscription-based MMORPG WildStar takes place. NCsoft had to let go of many employees and the team at Carbine Studios, WildStar developer, is the most affected of all the Western operations. According to Polygon, an unnamed source claims that 60 Carbine Studios employees were let go. A lot of disgruntled Carbine employees, current or not, are pointing their fingers to the allegedly terrible management team, as well as pointing out the low wages and morale. Carbine was founded in 2005 and WildStar is its first game. Now it’s the time where we’ll see how the game will keep paying players coming back for more, and if the studio manages to survive the raging internal conflict.

End of dawn: EA’s MOBA Dawngate canceled
The ruthless MOBA arena, pun intended, just claimed another contender to the throne. Dawngate, EA’s game, is shutting down in 90 days. Dawngate was announced 18 months ago and was in open beta for 6 months. In 3 months the servers will be turned off. The reasons for the cancellation revealed are related to not seeing enough progress, which we would translate as not attracting as many players as needed to make it profitable. Competing with League of Legends and Dota 2 is a massive task and Dawngate, while a decent game, suffered from obvious comparisons with Riot Games’ blockbuster. This also brings additional bad news to Waystone employees: the studio is being dissolved by Electronic Arts, which will try to relocate the employees in other EA studios. We wish them the best of luck.

Blade & Soul Taiwan enters open beta on November 20
Blade and Soul is entering open beta in Taiwan soon. It seems like everyone and their mom is playing this game except for us, poor Westerners. NCSoft is beginning the Blade and Soul open beta in Taiwan on November 20 and this version is also going to be free-to-play, just like the Chinese version – Korean players were given the bitter end of the deal, it seems. Well, that’s if we don’t count the North American and European fans, who are desperate for news since December 2012, the last time that the official Blade and Soul US website was updated. NCsoft is truly doing a shitty job at communicating the game, so if we don’t hear anything early 2015 then it’s probably safe to scratch Blade and Soul out of your most wanted list.

Aion gets new free content update titled Invasion
Aion just got a new free content update called Invasion. This brings some new zones and server versus server PvP. Aion has been around for a while and just got a bunch of new content. Players can expect two new zones, two new dungeons, new world bosses, a new gear enhancement system and a daily log in reward system. There’s even an open beta of server versus server PvP going on. Panesterra is the zone where the server versus server PvPvE takes place. 100 players from each server and faction will fight between them as well as having to deal with Beritra's horde.

Trove entered open beta on November 5
Trove, the blocky sandbox action MMORPG with hints of Minecraft just entered open beta on November 5. As usual with most betas, there will be some events to keep players entertained. We already tried this game and we can safely say that it’s pretty fun, with a lot to see and do, including creating our own home and using some weird weapons. Give it a try if you like your games retro.

‘Find the Game’ Quiz

This is a different kind of game. It looks like a whodunit crossed with a socialite party in the high seas. More of an adventure game than a proper RPG, it’s a game that is at its best when you stop following the preset adventure and just try stuff for fun. The first one to write the answer in the comments will see his name featured in the next Free to Play Unlimited episode.

Most Wanted: Otherland

Way back on our Free to Play Unlimited Episode 2, Otherland was our most wanted game. It was canceled a while later, but now it’s back in development. Time really does fly.

We had extremely high hopes for Otherland and it killed us a bit inside to see it canceled due to lack of funding. The star studio in charge of development was also shutdown in the process. Now, nearly two years later, Otherland is back in development at Polish studio Drago Entertainment. We’re not sure anymore of the quality of this game though – Drago Entertainment’s only other MMO was the shooter Grimlands, which was canceled a while ago, so that’s not exactly good news. But let’s keep our hopes up.

Otherland is based on the acclaimed novels of Tad Williams and is set in a virtual multiverse comprised of worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi and more. It will feature non-targeting combat, in-depth character customization which allows you to wear anything you find, and the option to collect eDNA from creatures and clone them. The four classes revealed are the warrior, assassin, marksman and energizer, which is a nice new name for the healer.


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