Heroes of Rune First Look Gameplay Video

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This time we'll be taking a look at a game called Heroes of Rune, it is a free-to-play browser-based MOBA game developed by Mijikai Games. As usual we'll go through the game and show you some of what it has to offer, so lets go ahead and get started!

Heroes of Rune is a MOBA that's more on the casual side as it has elements of traditional MMORPGs and MOBAs mixed together. And for a browser game, it actually looks pretty fantastic. Of course I wouldn't expect any less from a game developed with the unity engine. Right now the game is in alpha, so I won't go cover a whole lot in this video since a lot of the information provided here is subject to change entirely in the future.

You can do Raids, PvP and PvE and more all in an open world environment that's very colorful and inviting. While making this video though, I was a bit confused as I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing while playing, there's not much of a tutorial to get you started so you kind of just have to jump in and hope for the best. Like I said though, the game is currently in alpha; so I'm pretty sure this will all change.

There are three playable characters so far with a lot of empty slots for additional characters. Each of the characters plays a little differently as well, You've got a knight which has physical based attacks, an archer with range based attacks and a mage with magic based attacks. So finding a character that suits you shouldn't be too hard depending on your playstyle.

Heroes of Rune also has two different game modes, Quest Mode and Rune Wars. Quest is basically your open world MMORPG type mode, it'll allow up to six players to do PvE quests or PvP against one another, you'll be able to level up, fight monsters and kills bosses. It's pretty good for killing some time and just hanging out with some friends. Rune Wars, on the other hand, is a competitive capture and hold type mode, which is where the MOBA elements come in to play. It puts two teams of three players up against each other where you must capture Rune Gates, fight monsters, spawn minions and more! All which will eventually lead to fighting your opposing team's golem and claiming victory.

The game is of course not without its faults either though; the camera controls are relatively spastic, the animations are stiff and there really just isn't a lot of guidance when you first start up the game. The quest text as well is also sometimes hard to read. All in all, for a game in alpha it's actually not bad at all. Sure, there needs to be more things fleshed out, more quests, better controls, more monsters and the likes. But I'd still recommend trying it out if you like MOBA games or browser-based RPGs, as this game delivers on both ends.

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