Infinity Wars First Look Gameplay Video

This time we take a look at Infinity Wars, a free online trading card game with a great depth and some awesome animated cards. Watcha Playin'? is a FreeMMOStation show where we give you a first look with commentary on the most popular free-to-play MMO games available.

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Today the game we are looking at is called Infinity Wars. Infinity Wars is a free to play digital trading card game and while it is somewhat competing with HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft it also has completely different mechanics and aesthetic to make it worth a try even if you do play other TCGs. The playing cards are animated and like you would expect in a TCG, you get to build your own decks.

There are spells/abilities cards but for the most part the game is played with unit cards. One of the awesome features of this card game is the fact that the playing field is split in two between each player’s defense and offense zones. The game feels very much based on attrition but since the field is split between offense and defense it gives creative room for different play styles, from extremely defensive legion based builds or maybe all out assault with spells being used for defense. Balance of battles can shift with huge impact just like in HearthStone since they both use the same turn-based resource building mechanic, making bigger plays the longer matches go on for.

Infinity Wars has an interesting world which seems to be science fantasy themed, which makes it different from the other big card games but overall card abilities are extremely similar to cards you have probably already played with but I will admit that there is a huge amount of play potential in many cards compared to a card game like Pokémon. Numbers is the key here as in no other game are you going to be destroying or summoning more units and it makes gameplay feel unique and fun. Also, probably one of the most defining features of Infinity Wars is the fact that players move at the same time. Making use of its digital advantages, they have removed turn-based combat and instead opted for a more fast paced system that increases risk and reward.

Overall I really like the game. The matches last an appropriate amount of time and the quality is there from the card animations to the detail in the lore. I think you guys should give it a shot and like I said, even if you are like me and enjoy Magic the Gathering or HearthStone, download Infinity Wars because I think it’s an awesome addition to the TCG family.


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