Metal Reaper Online First Look Gameplay Video

This time we'll be talking about a game called Metal Reaper Online. It's a free-to-play top-down shooter published by JCplanet which is at the time of writing in a limited public beta phase. Think of it as Dead Nation meets Diablo. We'll spend a few minutes showing you the game and some of what it has to offer, so lets jump on in!

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Metal Reaper, as I already stated, is a top-down shooter with RPG elements. After I got in to the game I was actually a bit disappointed in the way it looks. The videos I had seen made the game look much more attractive, but after actually playing it I feel like the game is stuck in the early PS2 era. Graphics don't necessarily make a game good or bad though. However, on top of the already rigid textures, it also loaded extremely slow and had hilariously bad english translations. There was also a massive  framerate drop in the first town after leaving the tutorial. I'm willing to give it a chance though, So perhaps the gameplay will make up for these few faults.

There's an arsenal of weapons that you can obtain, including rifles, handguns, rocket launchers, shotguns and even disposable weapons specific to certain instances or parts of the game. You move around with WASD or point-and-click style with the right mouse button. You aim and shoot with the mouse and left mouse button respectively. I had issues shooting since the game seems to aim-assist when you shoot, and it's not very subtle either. When your mouse pointer is close to an enemy, your character will automatically lock on to it. You will occasionally miss, and feel like you basically have no control over it since your character doesn't shoot where your mouse pointer is aimed at until an enemy or target is destroyed. Luckily though, after messing around with some settings it seems you can disable aim-assist. It's automatically enabled when you first enter the game, so I recommend turning it off.

Something else Metal Reaper seems to suffer from is server lag. There is definitely a delay between the time a bullet hits the target and when the target takes damage or dies. There was even occasional input lag where I'd hit the fire button and my character would take about a second or two to actually fire the weapon. For a game that's soon to be released to the public, it's riddled with things like this that honestly make it not that great of an experience. There were some moments of hilarity though, like when I'd use the handgun and shoot an enemy, and the enemy would basically fly away like it had been blown away by a rocket launcher. This had to be some kind of glitch.

But looking beyond the lag and input problems, the game has some not so great AI also. Enemies didn't pose any threat, even in massive numbers. You could almost run through the game with nothing but a handgun and still come out on top. Now I will say that I only got to about level 10, but that entire time I never died once, and enemies were never a threat. Even bosses didn't post much of a threat, albeit they were harder to kill, but their attack intervals were few and far between. Enemies were more like a mild inconvenience that continuously ate my ammunition. So with so many negatives, what does the game actually have going for it?

One of those things is the music. I really liked the music in the game, and the fact that music would change to a battle theme anytime you were fighting off enemies. Although I think the music actually changes anytime you fire your weapon as opposed to anytime your fighting an enemy. The game also doesn't let you get lost, while doing a quest there's a trail of green floating arrows pointing you in the right direction. If you get lost or lose the arrow trail, there's also an arrow pointer next to your quest log which will tell you the general direction of your next goal is.

Instances were another thing I enjoyed, mostly because I didn't have other random players around trying to take my kills or loot. Anytime you can get your hands on a flamethrower and slaughter massive amounts of non-threatening zombies in peace, I'd say it's a win.

Metal Reaper has a great concept, the gameplay would be much more fun if the faults I listed were fixed and the AI difficulty was increased. There's more to the game than what I've shown here of course, because I'm limited as to what I can do for a first impressions video. I hope you enjoyed, don't forget to like and subscribe to FreeMMOStation, and as always… I'll see you guys next time!


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