Top 10 Free to Play Done Right 2015

Most of the time, free-to-play games don't live up to their designation. They may be free to download, but playing them and enjoying them often takes us against a pay-wall of epic proportions, sucking out all of the fun and turning them either into an unfair experience where paying players have all the perks, or putting us through the kind of grind that requires an otherworldly dedication.

Luckily, some developers are beginning to see the advantages of having a true free-to-play experience, one where players will happily support the game by buying cosmetic items that in no way break the balance of such game. The examples of the kind are still few and far between, but on this top we give you ten games where you don't have to fear the power of the wealthy and overspending player.

The free-to-play games in this Top 10 Free to Play Done Right 2015 are Dungeon Defenders 2, Albion Online, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Gear Up, H1Z1, Team Fortress 2, Path of Exile, Nosgoth, Dota 2 and TERA. Other suggestions include SMITE and League of Legends, also offering a fair business model.

If you have any other suggestions let us know in the comments.

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