Watch the first Need For Speed Edge gameplay

Need For Speed Edge 4

Nexon’s Need For Speed Edge has entered closed beta yesterday, November 26, and we’re likely to see some videos showing up here and there. Korean site Inven has a couple of them featuring two very different vehicles, a Ford Mustang and a Volkswagen Golf GTI, in two game modes: speed battle and item battle.

Although we could go over the details again, you can just read about it in our previous Need For Speed Edge coverage – we’re pretty sure right now you want to see how the game looks and feels, and we have to say it looks good (it’s the Frostbite 3 engine) and hopefully it also handles well.

Need For Speed Edge is currently described as an Asia-exclusive in the same way as other MMOs such as Civilization Online, Monster Hunter Online or the ill-fated Borderlands Online. It will launch in 2016 and hopefully Nexon and EA will consider a western release.


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