Dungeon Fighter Online Future | Project BBQ, Overkill, DNF Duel

Dungeon Fighter Online Future

I wanted to let you in on my growing curiosity for everything Dungeon Fighter Online related. As you probably know, there’s a few games in development from this IP, but also some confusion surrounding them. Did Project BBQ turn into Project Overkill, and what’s that about Dungeon Fighter Duel? Are you excited for that Dungeon Fighter Battle Royale? Ah, got you there, I just made that one up, you can mark yourself safe… for now. DFO isn’t quite a mess of League of Legends proportions, but it’s getting close, so let’s dig deeper and understand what we have in store for the Dungeon Fighter Online future.

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We’ll begin with Dungeon Fighter Online, the first game in the series, released in 2005 in Korea and 2010 in North America. This side-scrolling action MMORPG still remains as one of the most profitable games in the world, ranking high in a leaderboard where names such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and Minecraft barely threaten its reign. DFO is still going strong up to this day, mostly in China, and it’s obvious that Nexon and Neople have been thinking about ways to expand the IP.

One of the most promising among those is Project BBQ. Little is known about the game itself, but it isn’t neither a sequel nor a prequel, not even a remake. Apparently, it is set in a parallel universe relative to the first game, which means that we get to play with the same classes, meet old acquaintances, and fight familiar bosses, all embellished by a new storyline.

For now, we can delight in the fact that Project BBQ, or Dungeon Fighter Online 3D as we like to call it, is a visually stunning open world MMORPG with instanced dungeons. The few trailers released so far reveal an accomplished art style and some very interesting character movement and battle animations, hopefully delivering a fast-paced and skill-based brawler. The boss fights look jaw-dropping, and since the original DFO didn’t resort to auto-combat, I’m crossing my fingers for this one to remain challenging and never, ever think for a second about dumbing it down for the casual market.

Up next we have Dungeon Fighter Overkill, which we know a bit more about than Project BBQ, although it’s in an early development stage as well. This is what fans of the series have been expecting for quite some time, but probably weren’t expecting – an absolutely gorgeous and lightning-fast 3D remake of the game that started it all, for PC, and it keeps the side-scrolling aspect intact while revamping the graphics and fighting mechanics. We’re yet to see how they will handle town navigation, but the trailer seems to get some free 3D roaming in there, so I guess we get to explore the breathtaking hubs without the side-scrolling restraints of the original? We’ll see.

Dungeon Fighter Online Future Project BBQ

Now we make a quick detour to Blazblue Fighter… I mean, Dungeon Fighter Duel, a 1-v-1 fighting game in the style of Street Fighter or Guilty Gear. Developed by genre experts Arc System Works, Dungeon Fighter Duel seems to use the classes and advancements from DFO as the fighters in this game, something that is both logical and drool-inducing for fans. Honestly, this is like a match made in heaven and has all the ingredients to become a massive success.

These are the undisputed upcoming highlights in the DFO IP. Three games, all very different, all looking extremely good. I’m convinced there may be a mobile game or two in development as well, but others have come before and died a sad, lonely death, so we’ll skip that speculation and focus on what we have in the horizon.

Right now, there’s no confirmed platforms or release dates for any of these. Overkill may be PC-only, and Project BBQ could follow the same path, but Duel seems like the kind of game that could easily launch on PC and consoles. As for the business model, my biggest doubt is once again regarding Duel, as Arc System Works could pressure Neople to slap a price tag on it. We’ll see where it goes when more official info is revealed, but it’s obvious that this is the best time ever to become a Dungeon Fighter Online fan.

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