Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Project BBQ

Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Project BBQ

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Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Project BBQ info PUBLISHER: Nexon| DEVELOPER: Neople Action Studio
GENRE: MMORPG, Action | THEME: Anime, Fantasy
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Upcoming


Project BBQ is the codename of the Dungeon Fighter Online 3D project, in development at Neople's new Action Studio and to be published by Nexon. This is a new game with elements such as lore and characters from the original Dungeon Fighter Online, but isn't considered a direct sequel.

Dungeon Fighter Online 3D will feature a seamless world with a mix of MORPG and MMORPG aspects, focusing on the brawler side of things but not limited to that aspect alone. However, the brawls that we've seen are very exciting and feel truly powerful, perhaps in a way that only a few MMORPGs such as Black Desert Online managed to achieve. The announcement trailer gave us a good insight into what players can expect, hopefully translating into some fast and furious combat. The duel at the end of the video is particularly enticing, as the Priest class dodges and punches a massive orc in an arena, as the crowd goes wild.

Classes will feature a mix of originals and Dungeon Fighter Online favorite, with 7 to 8 classes planned for release, including the Priest and the Sword Master.

Dungeon Fighter Online 3D Project BBQ is crafted by Unreal Engine 4, showing some top quality graphics and smooth animations. The close-ups and special skills animations look stunning, hopefully being the real deal and not just a simple mock-up for the trailer.

Project BBQ is the kind of sequel that shows tremendous ambition, revealing a vision where the original side-scrolling 2D game is smartly updated to the current generation. There is a lot of hype surrounding this game, so let's hope that Neople manages to follow up on one of the most profitable free online games in the world with another hit – surely not an enviable task, but fingers crossed.

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