Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 Trilient Editor’s Choice

2015 so far has been a pretty good year for the MMO market. Plenty of new games are coming out, some of which weren't quite as good as others. Here's my top 10 list of games I have enjoyed this year so far. These games are based on how much I personally enjoyed them; some games may rank higher on your own list… But this is my list, and we're gonna do it my way! This is… Trilient's Top 10 Free to Play games of 2015!

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treasure arena

You're probably thinking to yourself “What the hell is Treasure Arena?” and that's OK! Not many people know about this little 2D sprite based arena gem, but it's an incredibly fun game! Treasure Arena pits four players (or bots) in a room and leaves them to fend for themselves. Basically, kill everything that moves until the timer runs out! However it's a bit more intricate than that – you can fight monsters, use weapons and powerful skills, open chests and more; all of which is there to enhance your character and lead you to victory. It's extremely fast paced, blinking is optional. But your eyes might dry up.


rise of incarnates 4

Something I played earlier this year is Rise of Incarnates. They've recently updated a lot of things, added new characters and such. It's a fast paced 3D brawler, not just 3D as in graphical appearance either, but 3D as in three dimensional movement. It kind of reminds me of those Dragonball Z fighting games, if you catch my drift. You can choose from many lore ridden characters and have them all beat the crap out of each other, for science!


victory command 2

If there are two genres that were ever going to merge back together, it's RTS and MOBA. Victory Command lets you take charge of a small squad of tanks, soldiers or other random things while trying to conquer a small map. It's got elements of both MOBA and RTS games, but without the ability to control giant bulls wielding an axe. Something I can't get over about this game is the recall back to base though, you recall your square back and it's supposed to be a helicopter that comes and picks you up… So why instead do you get abducted by a UFO?!



This game was way overhyped. It's enjoyable, don't get me wrong. It's got a pseudo-action combat system that plays like a slightly more responsive tab targeting system. But other than that, there's nothing really “new” about the game, besides the skill tree and the amount of playable classes you can unlock. I do like that you're not tied to one class, your character can switch classes on the fly to match a specific scenario, or if your party needs some sort of healer and everyone else is too busy bitching about needing a healer. And is it really necessary to do a gravity defying backflip every time you get on a hoverbike?


world of warships

Dude! I never thought I'd enjoy a game about Warships, but praise be to Iron Man, World of Warships has made me a believer! World of Warships pits you up against other people piloting warships in an all out oceanic war! And it's absolutely glorious. It takes a bit to get used to the controls and the combat, but once you know what you're doing you're going to have a blast!



Ah… Warframe. What's not to love about this amazingly epic action game? Now with SPACE BATTLES! Warframe has come a long way since the beta days, and I love what it's become. It's incredibly popular, very well optimized and absolutely gorgeous. This game ran smooth on the highest settings back when I had a GTX 760! Almost anyone can hop in to this game and play, it's definitely a game worth trying.


heroes of the storm 2

Heroes of the Storm is the newest MOBA to become a “big name” in the realm of competitive E-Sports. Although it takes a much simpler approach to the MOBA genre, its gameplay is still fast paced and exciting. Matches take about half the time they do in other games, so that's also good. Not to mention it's got an all-star cast of Blizzard favorites. As someone who couldn't get in to Dota or League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm was easy to pick up and play and I've had quite a blast with it.


guild wars 2 1

I can hear it now… “Guild Wars 2 isn't free you noob!”. To that I say: Yes it is. As of August 29th, the core game of Guild Wars 2 is completely free for everyone! You still have to pay for expansions and there are a few in-game restrictions, but for the most part you get everything people bought and paid money for years ago without paying a dime! I paid for this game, and now I'm slightly jealous. Guild Wars 2 offers a LOT of cool features, like randomly spawning events, and crafting. You have no reason not to try this game now… go get it!


trove 2

This is not Minecraft. This is Trove, and although some people seem to think they can compare it to Minecraft, they cannot. Trove is similar to Minecraft the same way birds are similar to a ham and spaghetti sandwich – they aren't. Trove is an MMORPG with a fantastic amount of crafting and building, you run around as one of several unique classes building things (or blowing them up) and exploring dungeons. The maximum level is 20, but your mastery level goes a lot higher than that which means there's always something to do! But it gets repetitive sometimes.



And introducing… NUMBER 1: Brawlhalla! This game won my heart after about an hour, and then slowly tore it apart after I tried playing the ranked ladder. Some people spend way too much time getting good at games. Brawlhalla is a 2D brawling game in the same style as Super Smash Brothers. It's fun, people fly, and things blow up. You won't find Mario or Ness here though, because those guys are licensed by Nintendo and would certainly sue for copyright infringement, but also because they have their own original cast of characters to play as! Several of the characters share fighting styles depending on their weapon, but almost all of them have different “special moves”. If there was any game I'd recommend trying out this year, Brawlhalla is it!

So that's it guys, my list of the games I enjoyed most. I hope you enjoyed this, feel free to like the video and subscribe to FreeMMOStation's channel and my channel while you're at it.

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