Top 10 Free to Play PvP MMORPG Games 2013

We're here to talk to you about some of the best MMOs out there right now, specifically action combat MMORPGs. While these are all very good for many different reasons, the PvP in each game is either a main focus or a great addition and outshines almost any other current generation MMOs player versus player combat. Remember that these are all free to play so they are safe to test for yourselves! Let's begin with our number 10!



Allods Online has many unique and small twists to the genre that get overshadowed by the fact that it is aesthetically and mechanically similar to World of Warcraft. Some may see this as bad, some may see it as good, but when it comes to PvP it is all very good. In all the ways that it is similar, it is done well and in every aspect that it deviates, it carves out its own niche in the F2P market. Combat is alike to World of Warcraft, non stand still action combat but still a bit floaty. Where Allods Online really shines is in its PvP content, with a plethora of different arenas and areas to fight in as well as epic ship vs ship end game. Different classes and roles to play, teamwork is on a heavy emphasis here so to get the most out of your PvP experience, role with friends.



Dragon's Prophet is a really unique game with a lot of potential. The ability to tame dragons which can be used for combat has many fans already endeared to the title. This game is more arcade influenced than most but still the combat is accurate and impactful. A bit floaty and somewhat similar to the World of Warcraft formula, the combination of different classes and different dragons makes for interesting fights. The biggest factor in adding it into our list was the Frontier System where players fight in conquest over an archipelago of islands located above the world. There, they can create housing, formulate an economic system to sustain the islands, and also bolster defenses to protect the conquered lands.



Neverwinter, based on Dungeons and Dragons, has a fun mix of PvP elements from different genres that meshes well with the game design as a whole. Its PvP is arena-based, which fits perfectly with the combat style of the game. It is very team oriented with each class having entirely separate movement mechanics and spells to provide support or damage in battle. With a comical atmosphere, fighting in Neverwinter is pure fun.


continent of the ninth seal

C9 is an eastern based MMORPG which has some of the most explosive spells and combos you could get in a game. This MMO is solo friendly and has 1v1 arenas which are absolutely ridiculous with shockwaves and blades flying everywhere. Eastern influenced, you can expect fantastic mobility and well done animations. If you are looking for a spectacle fighter disguised as an MMO, try out Continent of the Ninth Seal.


age of wushu

Age of Wushu (also known as Age of Wulin) owns its place on this list due to different reasons than any other game here. The game's mechanics could be considered standstill, though that is not entirely true. The combat is just very strategic and sticky. So trading the floaty combat as we see in games like World of Warcraft, it gains in return a more decisive and strategic formula which fits perfectly with the theme of the game. Age of Wushu has open world PvP that meshes perfectly with the lore and class systems with certain possibilities including kidnapping and persistent worlds where players still remain after logging out. This particular MMO has a strange and foreign approach that many players are very much enjoying.



Vindictus is published by Nexon, the same company behind Dragon Nest, and overall the game feel is almost identical. However, the aesthetic is far more horror based and abilities and spells are a bit more aggressive. While it does vary slightly from the Dragon Nest formula, Vindictus is still a great title that has been bringing in thrill-seeking adventurers since release. The combat is far more melee based than Dragon Nest but it still holds its grip as one of the best PvP experiences inside of an MMO.



Dragon Nest as a dungeon crawling MMO has the best animations aside from its sister title Vindictus. Eyedentity has done a great job at creating epic and unique abilities between the different classes and this really comes out when fighting in the arenas. The smoothest action combat of any game, it also has a good bit of flavor with the different game modes. One is even an infection mode where players, as they die, turn into Ghouls which then infect other players and turn them. While the game is very much co-op based, also expect a scene for 1v1 arenas and it is also solo friendly in regards to the PvE which is also competitively tracked with an arcade scoring system.


star wars the old republic 3

Star Wars: The Old Republic is very much alike to World of Warcraft and for that reason it is our number 3. The variety of spells, the map design, the team emphasis, everything comes together well to make a great experience for players looking to fight. While the game also has a rich PvE environment, the PvP certainly holds its weight. While the fights are arena-based, expect to see more squad play than in other games in the same niche. While a bit floaty, the customization of character skills and abilities makes PvP rewarding and entirely worthwhile.



Rift is an explosive game and holds true to a very old and dated formula in MMOs but it works. The game has many classes, many abilities, a skill ceiling worthy of the genre, and a fantastic world to immerse yourself in. The player versus player content is extremely team-based, as well character customization is also important and an included mechanic. Rift has been continually been polishing itself and is only getting better with time. While not wholly unique in many of its ideas, it's the small changes and polish that set it apart from the majority of free to play MMOs out today.


tera rising 1

Guilds across the globe have been thriving in the Tera scene. Fights require you to have cunning, strength, and confidence. While the questing is completely lackluster, the endgame dungeons are fantastic and in that same respect, the endgame PvP is pure joy to so many fans playing now. The combat is action-based and aimed, meaning in a similar way to Dragon Nest, you must actually target your spells manually and strategically block or dodge. As a free to play, it has a level of originality and polish unparalleled. The PvP is actually very similar to other games but the skill ceiling is far greater with the skill shots required and reaction timing needed to survive. Looking at graphics, they are gorgeous and the world itself is completely novel. Classes and class mechanics are also very unique and when it comes to PvP, these systems shine. Play with friends, and if you can, join a guild. Tera Rising is a game not to be taken lightly and because of this it suffers a bit to the casual crowd. However, If you are someone who considers themselves a hardcore player killer, join the ranks and have fun. Tera is a worthwhile MMO to anyone, especially those in favor of action and team play.

Thank you very much for checking out our top ten for PvP in MMOs, remember that this list is very hard to organize because of the varying styles of PvP found in each game. Each of these games is worthy of playing regardless. Let us know what you think in the comments below and we will see you around next time.

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