Project BBQ is Dungeon Fighter Online 3D for PC and Unreal Engine 4

Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D PC

Nexon has just revealed a new action game based on Dungeon Fighter Online during the ‘2018 Dungeon & Fighter Festival: The Second Adventure'. Codenamed Project BBQ and in development for PC by original makers Neople, this action MMO runs on Unreal Engine 4 and looks stunning. Let's not be afraid of words.

A lot of things are still unclear about Project BBQ. It's not clear if this is a sequel or spin-off of the classic PC MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, and it's even more of a mystery how this relates to Project Knock, an alleged Dungeon Fighter Online sequel that was in development at ThingSoft, makers of Peria Chronicles.

But we do know that Project BBQ looks stunning, as if it mixed the best elements of Dungeon Fighter Online, Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) and Kritika Online. An interview with game director Myung-Jin Yoon sheds some light in a few topics.

First and foremost, Neople Action Studio was created to develop both Project BBQ and the new Dungeon Fighter Mobile. The studio currently has over 150 people and is still growing. Myung-Jin Yoon acknowledges that 3D action RPGs aren't doing great in the current market, but he prefers to do things that he chooses instead of following the trends.

The goal for Project BBQ is to focus on the action excitement first, with the development team trying to create a mix of action from games that they liked as well as from the original Dungeon Fighter Online. The result should offer light, fast and powerful action moves.

As for the setting itself, the idea is to show a world view of Dungeon Fighter from various perspectives. To consolidate them into one big, multi-dimensional story. Using classes and lore from the original IP, Project BBQ seems to be a mix of sequel and spin-off. New characters and existing characters will be a part of the game, and the announcement gameplay trailer shows the Priest and the Sword Master classes.

Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D PC Sword Master

Myung-Jin Yoon doesn't want to mention Vindictus or any other game as a comparison, as at the current stage they are drawing inspiration from different sources to make the game feel unique.

The codename Project BBQ comes from a skill that the Gunner class uses in the original game. The name was frequently shouted and it is being used to revive the memories.

Currently there are two playable classes (Priest and Sword Master), but there are more in development, taking the total to about 7-8 classes. 

Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D PC

And now, a big question: is Project BBQ an MMORPG? Well, it's not quite a heavy action game, although it is the focus, but development has changed a lot. The world is a seamless one, as you can go into a dungeon by walking through a village or a field. So, Project BBQ is described as a mix of MMORPG and MORPG.

A console release isn't out of the question, but the focus is currently solely on PC. It is too early to mention any launch dates right now.

Project BBQ is definitely one of the most exciting games that we've seen recently. While I wouldn't count on 2019 to bring a playable build, here's hoping that 2020 will be the year of Project BBQ, or whatever it will be called. 

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