Last Chaos

THEME: Fantasy | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

Last Chaos is your typical free MMO game where the player enters a dark world where chaos now proliferates and has to fight several monsters, exploring dank dungeons and developing their character. Truth be told, Last Chaos was launched during a period where free-to-play games weren’t yet mainstream, and the game managed to remain an interesting proposition.

Players get to fight several different monsters in dungeons and in broad daylight, including the now mandatory PvP mode, developing his character through the experience points collected. The more interesting Player vs. Player vs. Environment pits players in a complex web of interests and alliances, allowing players to fight the monsters but also test their skills against other players.

The Personal Dungeon System is very appealing for MMO players who prefer to go solo, offering an exciting experience without having to constantly rely on other players. But the highlight of the game is the combat system named E.R.A.S. (Exciting Range of Aggressive battle System), that allows players to hit monsters that are within reach of their weapon sweep. We’re not locked onto only one enemy, this system approaches itself of the one used in action games.

Last Chaos isn’t the most fresh MMORPG out there (it launched in the US in 2007) but was one of those titles that paved the way for future free-to-play games, in the same way Shaiya did. Although it has aged a bit, it’s still a solid, if somewhat generic MMO.

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