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Torchlight Frontiers info PUBLISHER: Perfect World | DEVELOPER: Echtra Games
GENRE: MMORPG, Hack'n'Slash | THEME: Fantasy
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Upcoming (Summer 2020)
BUSINESS MODEL: B2P (previously F2P)


Torchlight 3 (previously Torchlight Frontiers)is the third game in the acclaimed action RPG series created by Runic Games. This chapter is developed by Echtra Games, which includes original Torchlight creator Max Schaefer.

The initial vision aimed to make Torchlight Frontiers a game that learned the lessons from the previous titles and implemented them in a shared-world RPG. It took the hubs and dungeons that fans of the series know so well and added an MMO aspect to it. However, player feedback and a design chance meant that the game was rebranded Torchlight 3 and dropped the shared-world aspect, as well as the promised horizontal progression system.

Now it focuses on a linear progression system that is borrowed from the previous Torchlight games, and it also dropped its free-to-play tag – it will be available as a premium game that you can play online or offline.

Torchlight 3 also includes forts for you to decorate and boost your character, as well as Relic Weapons that can be achieved through crafting and level up, basically giving you super powers for a limited period.

Torchlight 3 is one of the few action RPGs that could rival with the unquestionable king of action RPGs, Path of Exile. Perfect World is also working on another hack and slash RPG, Magic Legends.

Torchlight Frontiers gameplay video

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