AOTU World Redeem Pack Codes List | Earn Free Rewards (July 2021)

AOTU World Redeem Pack Codes

Updated July 17, 2021 | AOTU World is a mobile strategy RPG designed to put you in challenging battles as you control cool anime characters. Featuring a turn-based gameplay system that isn't dissimilar to the likes of Alchemy Stars, it asks you to put your tactical hat on and make the most out of the diverse cast. With the global launch on early July 2021, AOTU World has captured the attention of many players and the Hatsune Miku crossover event has helped its playerbase grow. Now all that you need is to bookmark our AOTU World redeem pack codes list and keep checking back for more free rewards.

AOTU World Redeem Pack Codes List

AOTU World Redeem Pack Codes

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Developer Gaea Mobile released an AOTU World gift code even before the game's official launch. Players who had access to the beta were able to redeem it, but sadly the code has expired right when the game had officially released. Sounds like a weird way to fracture your community, or perhaps it's some kind of reward for early adopters…

Anyway, below you'll find all the AOTU World coupon codes that we discover.

  • welcomegift
  • AOTUVIDEO (redeem for AOTU Coin x10,000, Common Stardust x500, Random Rare Part x1, Analysis Manual I x20, Link Search Card x1)
  • AT666 (expired)

We'll keep looking for new AOTU World codes by setting camp on the game's social media, including Facebook, Discord, and more.

How to Claim AOTU World Gift Codes

Wondering how to claim your AOTU World codes? Don't let all those buttons scare you, redeeming your rewards is really easy. Follow the detailed instructions below.

  • Run AOTU World and finish the tutorial
  • In the main screen, tap your avatar in the top left corner
  • Tap the cog icon to enter System Settings
  • Tap the gift box icon on the right, where it reads Pack
  • Enter your AOTU World pack redemption code and tap Confirm

If it was a valid code, the rewards will go to your in-game mail, don't forget to claim them.

You can play AOTU World by downloading the game for Android or iOS.

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