Dragon Raja characters are a cryptic bunch, who is who in this UE4 MMORPG

Dragon Raja characters

Archsaur Games has revealed the names and faces of the major protagonists from the Dragon Raja cast. As you embark in an adventure to save the world from dragons who have awoken from a deep slumber, you'll meet many peculiar characters along the way. Coming from different origins and featuring in-depth backstories, each one of the main Dragon Raja characters will be introduced via numerous cutscenes. 

Dragon Raja Cast | Who are the major Dragon Raja characters?

dragon raja characters

Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG crafted with the Unreal Engine 4. Each one of the Dragon Raja cast is brought to life thanks to motion capture, and the help of talented voice actors seal the deal.

Developer Archosaur Games (formerly Loong Entertainment) is trying to achieve an immersive open world. Day and night cycle, weather, seasonal cycles, and a clever physics system are all part of the game world. Some examples of attention to detail in Dragon Raja include slipping on icy surfaces, footprints in the snow, or accidentally hitting objects during battles.

You can choose between four classes at launch, with more classes coming in the future. The initial Dragon Raja classes are the following: Gunslinger, Blade Master, Soul Dancer, and Assassin. You can learn more about the Dragon Raja MMORPG in our recent impressions.

Here are the main Dragon Raja characters, the eclectic cast that you are going to meet in your adventure:

  • Luminous – Rules Reinventor (Die-hard gamer and heir to a prestigious bloodline)
  • Caesar – Wind Whisperer (Spoiled self-centered brat from a rich family)
  • Erii Uesugi – Ultimate Weapon (Tragic heroine that is unable speak without ending the world with her words)
  • Nono – Observer (Plays a key role in the story)
  • Johann Chu – Son of Flame (College senior with an unmatched sense of justice)
  • Anjou – Time Controller
  • Chisei Gen – Gravity Controller
  • Chime Gen – Jekyll and Hyde
  • Ming-Z-Lu – Son of Demon

Dragon Raja is coming to North America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa in February 2020. You can unlock a few rewards by pre-registering now in the Play Store or in the App Store.

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