Dragon Raja Mysterious Place Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Mysterious Place Guide

Are you shooting for those hard-to-get Dragon Raja anecdotes, but can't discover how to trigger some of them? Well, you can add one more to your collection, because we have just discovered how to achieve another one. As always, remember that most anecdotes are based on seemingly random triggers that may involve time, weather conditions, player and server level, among other things, so it's recommended that you leave the newest anecdotes for later. For example, when you reach level 90 or above, this should open the door for new anecdotes and tales. Anyway, keep reading to find our Dragon Raja Mysterious Place guide.

Dragon Raja Mysterious Place Guide

dragon raja mysterious place guide anecdote

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Mysterious Place – The password for the mysterious place on Route 95 is “Janus leads my way”!

The Dragon Raja Mysterious Place anecdote was teasing players for a while. It was introduced around the time that the Club 95 and battle royale mode update dropped – Blitzkrieg as it is officially known -, but no one seemed to find where this anecdote could be triggered. It's the same with another one, which has the following hint: “Colby actually knows how to play Idiom Solitaire, unbelievable!”

But let's go back to the Mysterious Place anecdote. The hint for this was the following: “A person in the college looks very happy… What makes him so happy?”

Obviously, we should look around Cassell College… for a male? Remember that Dragon Raja has its fair share of localization errors, mostly where it comes to gender mix-ups. So, him or her, we'll have to wait and see.

Go to Cassell College and near the fountain you may come across a fresh face, a young blonde girl dressed in blue called Happy, “Lucky Girl” (245,322). This new NPC only appears at random times, so persistence is key here. Her appearance could have to do with the weather conditions or server times for each player, so keep coming back to see when she appears. Despite her mentioning that “I think it's open right now”, we did go to Club 95 and it was closed, the bouncer didn't let us in. Just for the sake of it, we found the Happy girl at 3 PM on a sunny day, but this is surely going to be different for many players.

When you're face to face with Happy, talk to her. She'll start praising this place, which is Club 95 on Highway 95. You probably know about it already and even enjoyed its entertainment options, but say “Why are you so happy?” and let her talk. She tells you the password for Club 95, which is “Janus leads my way”, and when the conversation ends you earn the Mysterious Place anecdote.

This one was easier than expected, wasn't it? We hope that the Dragon Raja Mysterious Place guide helped you to get one more anecdote into your collection.

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