Dungeon Fighter Online Coupon Codes List (December 2021)

Dungeon Fighter Online Coupon Codes

Updated December 1, 2021 | Dungeon Fighter Online is a side-scrolling beat'em up dressed in MMORPG garbs. One of the few true classics of the genre, it was created by Neople, who is working on a spin-off codenamed Project BBQ. Dungeon Fighter Online offers over a dozen classes with tons of advancements, along with a vast world and dungeons where up to four players can form a party to take on challenging bosses. With countless weapons and cosmetics to unlock and use, every gift pack will be received with enthusiasm. That is why our Dungeon Fighter Online coupon codes list is here.

Dungeon Fighter Online Coupon Codes Guide

Dungeon Fighter Online Coupon Codes guide

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Promo codes are free and distributed by the developers of the game for milestones and special events. For example, the fifth and sixth Dungeon Fighter Online anniversary saw the release of a few codes that would reward players with gifts such as useful items and cosmetics such as a bobble head. If you want to make your character big-headed, that was one of the ways to go without spending any real money or in-game currency in the cash shop.

You can find the DFO coupon codes list below, but there are a couple of things to know before typing away. The first one is that the codes are made up of 16 characters, so anything below or above that is bound to raise eyebrows – most likely it's fake. The other thing is that they are case sensitive, so pay attention when entering the coupon.

  • LETS-PLAY-DFOG-2021 – redeem code for a Dragon Warrior Creature Box
  • 2021-DFOH-OTSU-MMER (summer underwear costume)
  • 2021-WELC-OMET-ODFO (8-Bit Bobble Head Avatar Box – expires April 21, 2021)
  • RC2S-BHS8-U7YT-VCR6 (Wild Wild Safari Avatar 1 Piece x 1)
  • CC2P-UK8M-DWCH-F8SC (Wild Wild Safari Avatar 1 Piece x 1)
  • B83T-E9UR-XHBT-VFUL (Wild Wild Safari Avatar 1 Piece x 2)
  • QWWT-SX9P-FTGG-5QVR (Wild Wild Safari Avatar 1 Piece x 2)
  • LONG-LIVE-DFO4-EVER (Adventure Supply Package)

How to Redeem Dungeon Fighter Online Coupon Codes

Dungeon Fighter Online Coupon Codes redeem guide

Do you see that image above? Feel free to click it to enlarge if you so wish. That little Coupon book is the place where you enter your Dungeon Fighter Online gift codes to claim your rewards.

  • Launch the game
  • Press ESC while playing to access the options menu
  • Choose the Coupon option
  • Enter your Dungeon Fighter promo code in the Coupon Book

When you're done and assuming that it was a working DFO coupon code, the rewards can be found in your mailbox.

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