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Genshin Impact Banners Venti

The official Genshin Impact launch for PC, PS4, Android, and iOS is going to premiere a couple of events. Right from the start you may get a few important characters that you can't unlock by playing the story. As you probably know by now, a wish is the name that developer miHoYo is giving to the gacha mechanics in this open world RPG, so keep an eye out for these. You can do a gacha pull by spending a currency known as Acquaint Fate. Read on to find out which Genshin Impact banners will be available as soon as the official launch drops on September 28, and which characters are included

Genshin Impact Banners for Official Launch

Genshin Impact Banners Barbara

There is one event banner that you can choose if you're feeling lucky. Called Ballad in Goblets, this event Wish features new characters and new weapons that can help you create your dream party.

Before you can try your luck, you must advance the story until you unlock the Wish feature. Then, you must access the Wish page by pressing F3 on PC, tapping the star icon in the top-right corner of the screen on Android or iOS, or holding the L1 button and selecting the star icon from the Shortcut Wheel on PS4.

In this Wish banner you can get the 5-star character Venti, one of the most desired heroes in the game. You can check our Genshin Impact tier list guide to learn more about who you should try to get, and Venti is definitely one of the best, with the Anemo element being his trademark. Venti gets a massive drop-rate boost, so this is a great chance to get him right from the start.

But there are other characters that you can summon from this event Wish with a significant drop-rate boost. Some important 4-Star characters are up for grabs, these are Fischl (Electro), Barbara (Hydro) and Xiangling (Pyro). You can unlock Xiangling by playing, but the other two aren't to our knowledge accessible outside of the gacha system.

The Wanderlust Invocation standard wish banner isn't a limited-time event, so you can leave it for later. Here you can pull Jean and Diluc, two valuable 5-star characters, among other 4-star heroes.

There's another Genshin Impact event that you can't miss. With the Shining Debut event you can get Barbara (Hydro) with a 100% chance by creating an account and reaching Adventure Rank 20 before Version 1.1 goes live.

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